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UK Pipe Mills Now Belong To Liberty House

The steel pipe mills in the north of England had been sold to Liberty House which is a UK-based metals and industrial group by Tata Steel, but the sum is undisclosed.

As an important step towards developing a more sustainable future, this sale will be a milestone for the rest of the UK business, and CEO of Tata Steel UK, Bimlendra Jha, said that Tata Steel UK will complete its portfolio and focus on the strip products supply chain linked to Port Talbot with this sale.

UK pipe mills

Sanjeev Gupta who is Liberty’s Executive Chairman, also said that there will be more investments to not only Hartlepool but also our upstream plate mill at Dalzell (Scotland), and Whyalla in Australia in due course potentially, in order to supply pipeline projects, what we need is a fully-integrated world class capability.

There are 140 people in the mills in Hartlepool with a production capacity of over 250,000 tonnes a year. Since last year, Tata Steel, which is the Britain’s largest steelmaker, has been selling off parts of its UK business, at the same time, the talks of merging its British and European steel assets with those of Germany’s Thyssenkrupp were announced by the Tata Steel.

In February, Tata signed a deal which valued 100 million, the deal is to sell its speciality steel business to Liberty House, with 1,700 jobs saved in South Yorkshire, northern England mostly.

According to the Tuesday’s deal, Tata wanted to retain ownership of a tube mill in Hartlepool, and steel coils which were from the European steel assets were the main supplement, and this European steel assets wants to retain and merge with Thyssenkrupp.

Tata’s business is centred on the steelworks in Port Talbot, Wales, in UK. This mill has employed 270 people, which will invest 1 million pounds ($1.29 million) in the Hartlepool tube mill, and planning to list some of its businesses in 2018,  privately-owned Liberty has been snapping up distressed steel assets not only in Britain but also around the world, even in the United States and Australia.

In order to promote the oil and gas sector, the Hartlepool pipe mills make heavy-duty steel pipe for them. So they need recruit more staff for the pipe mills business, and these people will be an important part to secure a support package, which is in talks between Liberty and energy and commodities business SIMEC under the $9.4 billion Gupta Family Group (GFG) Alliance, they operate together.

There are many industrial employers in the UK, and one of the largest employers is Gupta’s Liberty House. It has a workforce of nearly 5,000 people. Tata remains the largest UK steelmaker after Tuesday’s deal, which has a workforce of 8,500 people.

Steel sector in the UK is emerging from a crisis that saw some 5,000 jobs which is 50% of the workforce in 2015 and 2016. It is estimated that if every steel job saved, there are four jobs will be retained in related industries.

When Gupta offered to rescue all the distressed UK steel plants owned by Tata, it was the first time that he hit the headlines last year, however, the Indian group eventually decided against selling its entire UK business in favour of a tie-up with Thyssenkrupp.

So what can we get from this event? How can Tata Steel agree to sell its pipe mills in the north of England to UK-based metals and industrial group Liberty House? Nowadays, though the computer and Internet are booming and developed so fast, though these products of the third revolution has been a part of our life, the industrial products and other branches are still the necessary part of our life, even the development of the human being.

There are two types of steel and pipe in our daily industrial work, stainless steel pipe and stephens pipe and steel.

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long circular steel, which is widely used in oil, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrument and other industrial conveying pipes and mechanical structural parts. They are lighter in weight, so they are also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures, also commonly used as furniture and kitchenware, etc.

UK Pipe mills

Stephens Pipe and Steel is a one stop all-purpose fence manufacturer and wholesaler. Since 1974, Terry Stephens has been at the helm of Stephens Pipe. Now in 14 states across the eastern and mid-west US, Stephens Pipe and Steel maintains the fence industry’s largest on-site pipe and chain-link inventory.

UK pipe mills
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So when the third revolution of information technology influences us, the industrial work is still doing their job to make our life and generation better. There are still too many things need us to do, so much breakthrough need us to make, so many problems need us to find the way out. Thus, we can not totally depend on the new technology to do the job of promoting the development of our life and generation, we should still focus on the industrial work which ever made a big breakthrough and brought a new life to us.

What more important than the industrial work brings to us is the worker. If there is no worker who will do the hard work without any complain, we can not make such a big breakthrough on the industrial part of the development of our life and human generation. So their contribution can not be counted and will be remembered in the bottom of people’s heart forever. Because of the workers, we can use the convenient products now in our daily life; because of the workers, we can use the easy-handling machines to make our work more efficient.

Therefore, we need take our attention to the industrial part of our daily life, if we want to make our life better, the industry is the most important part to help us.