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US Steel Policy Changes Construction Industry.

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Recently, President Trump proclaimed a new policy about increasing the steel barriers. And whether it will have an important influence on construction industry? Today’s let’s talk about it together.


In the early hours of March 8, US President Donald Trump formally signed an executive order to impose tariffs of 25% and 10% on imports of steel and aluminium products on Thursday afternoon. And the tariff will be imposed within 15 days and the Canada and Mexico will gain the  immunity. All States expect the United States have been invited to negotiate, and it is possible gain an exemption from this tariff by negotiating.

steel barriers

“The strength of the steel and Aluminium Industries is crucial to our national security, ” Mr Donald Trump said. “without steel, there would be no country, ” said Donald Trump, who held the ceremony to sign the executive order at the Roosevelt Room in the White House at 3.30 pm.

“If the same goals can be achieved in other ways, the United States will remain open to modifying or abolishing tariffs on certain countries, as long as we can agree on a way to ensure that their products are no longer a threat to our security, ” he said

At the same time, Mr Donald Trump said it was vital for the US’s national interest to take action against other countries that dumped steel on global markets that have lost much of their jobs, and damage America’s economic standing.

“There is a broad provision in the order that would allow any country with a secure relationship with our country to consult with the United States in order to find alternative ways to address the threat and damage that the country may be able to use imported products to the national security of the United States, ” said an anonymous senior government official familiar with the tariff drafting process.

“This does not mean that our position has softened in any way, ” said the senior government official. “Structurally, the tariff plan we announced is explicitly designed to protect the domestic aluminium and steel industries. ”

Mr Donald Trump insisted on a 25 per cent steel tariff and a 10 per cent aluminium tariff and reserved the right to raise or lower tariffs.

So based on these announcements, today let’s talk about the influence to our daily life. To begin with, the most conspicuous one is the construction sites. It will soon look a whole lot different. Concrete barriers have been used for many years, however, with the new policy, a new steel barrier will impact our market. The only place you can gain it in Colorado is Pueblo.

Concrete barriers can stop cars from getting through, but when it refers to the driver safety and protecting your cars, it is a different situation.

“The concrete blows up and no matter what touches it will blow up.” said John Volk with Dynamic Deflection. But based on the crash tests, steel barriers are a lot more loose because they curve and push the car back out on to the road. “You could be far away from unscathed, It maybe a little scratch, or a little damage to the vehicle.” said Volk. We showed the same video to the people in Pueblo where we can see that the barriers are being tested along Highway 50.

First of all, we show the detailed barriers to them. “Oh, my!” said Melanie Driscoll. She continued to say that the concrete have exploded, however, that exploded which is not a goof thing at all. “It had a wore damage to the vehicle. It almost flipped it over.” the other driver said.

What’s more, we showed the tests with the steel barriers to them. One driver said, “The other one you just bounced off it and then you could control your vehicle again.” “Yes, it didn’t have the damage to the cars. I believe that steel barriers is a better idea,”said Driscoll.

But Volk told us that safety is just one of the benefits.

“What you have seen are six trucks to haul concrete barriers and 1 truck. If you are at a place where you are going to spend a long haul, there will be a huge cost saving there,” said Volk.

It is not only easy for moving it by truck, but also easier to move once it is on the ground. What you need to do is to pull the anchor pin, ratchet down the wheels, so that only one person can push the whole thing.

“If you want to move from one side of the road to the other, it can be done without using trucks. It is a effective products because you can complete more jobs with less time laying barriers so that you can have more time to build your job,” said Volk.

So why don’t we see more of them? Maybe it is according to the cost. Steel barriers are four times more expensive than concrete barriers and there are few people who do not know that. But Volk ever said, with the approach of stricter federal guidelines looming that these all conditions will have a change,although it may make concrete barriers out of date.

If that happens it would promote Volk’s business in the drivers seat. “I do not doubt that it is the future of barrier,” said Volk.

More importantly, according to the fact that Dynamic Deflections is the only distributor in this state, and it makes Pueblo right in the middle of it. Volk said, “We even can go into here and start manufacturing from one of the steel mills.” We had the connection with CDOT to learn their opinion about new steel barriers. CDOT said that it is also have a number of benefits, but they acquire to study again before they put the trigger and give up the classic concrete barriers. As for changes to the federal guidelines when it comes to barriers, Volk said that it is going to happen, but there is just no schedule for them.

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