12 Of The Best Massage Guns In The Cyber Monday Sales

While the battery life is advertised as 5-hours , Achedaway says the average run time is closer to 3 hours. One difference with the power source of the Achedaway is that it is not removable. Therefore, you will not have the opportunity to have a secondary battery on-hand and you will need to remember to always charge your device after use. We liked the unique shape and design of the Jawku Muscle Blaster V2. The gun itself works very well and really has everything you want in a professional massage gun that can pinpoint muscle aches and stress, alleviating any soreness and tension.

Its manual is helpful, despite a hit and miss translation from Chinese, and it comes with a USB charging cable for on-the-go refuelling. The chunky handle shakes heavily at full power, but that’s our only niggle, and lowering the speed is a doddle should your arm start to ache. Massage guns can also be incorporated into your warm-up routine to help loosen up your muscles.

We use standardized and scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results. If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us and we’ll compare notes. If it looks substantial, we’ll gladly re-test a product to try and reproduce these results. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. All in all, this experience blew me away, as it took all the guesswork out of the massage. The app made me feel like I had a health and wellness coach at home, with videos, straightforward images, and helpful information posted.

The deeper massage is more painful, but gets better results by breaking up tightness beyond surface level. However, its most intense speed is 3,400 percussions per minute, speeds that range from 1800 all the way up to an intense 3,400 percussions per minute–more than the OPOVE G3 Pro. It runs on batteries for 6 hours of use before needing to be recharged, making it the ideal massage gun for people always on the go. It operates with a quiet brushless motor and delivers percussion speeds from 1,200 to 2,800 percussions per minute. It provides 4 hours of battery life before it needs recharging, and with a travel case included, it’s easy to take on-the-go.

The best massage guns are available at a variety of price points, which is obviously great because depending on your needs you might not want an expensive massage gun. The money spent on a massage gun could save money on monthly visits to the masseuse, physical therapist, chiropractor, or doctor. If you can’t decide, we’ve got you covered with this selection of the best percussive therapy massagers for any budget.

 Powerful Portable Mini Massage gun

The massager is very long-lasting in terms of battery life as well. It can run up to 6 hours continuously after a full charge, which means you’ll need to charge it once per two weeks with moderate daily use. The gun comes with multiple heads that target all the spots that are usually affected by muscle soreness. In other words, each attachment can be used for different parts of the body.

This unit features a maximum force of 33 pounds and a 12mm amplitude, so you can lean into it quite hard for a truly deep, penetrative massage treatment. For its dimensions and weight, the VYBE Pro is a powerhouse little unit that outperforms the similarly designed, hand-held competition. This is a brilliant ergonomic design that allows for multiple handling positions and also implements an adjustable, three-position arm for reaching all those hard to hit muscles. The max force is around 35 pounds, and there is a 12mm amplitude, so you can push this bad boy into the treatment zone quite hard for a nice and penetrative massage. You just can’t go wrong with this option, although we do recognize the price tag is certainly steep.