We’re engaged in manufacturing a variety of Screw Presses, which might be used to dewater and wash secondary in addition to virgin fiber. The electric control system takes PLC as main controller, enhancing the operating reliability of the entire press; The HMI assist the operator to set parameters of force and energy, which can also point out the fault the press. All the technical indicators and efficiency of the EPC-D electrical screw press produced by Qingdao Wantai Machine Device Expertise Co. Ltd.

In the course of the working stroke of the spindle 9, i.e. the downward motion of the slide 7, the flywheel 17 is accelerated by the drive until it reaches the preselected rotational speed, i.e. has gathered the power required for the forging process.

We’re engaged in manufacturing a variety of Screw Presses, which might be used to dewater and wash secondary as well as virgin fiber. Speeds and pressures will be carefully managed. An alternating-present servo numerical-control electrical screw press includes a framework, an alternating-present servo numerical-management motor, a flywheel, a screw stem, a slider, a balancing cylinder and a brake.

The warmth generated by friction can enhance the yield of the oil press, and let the oil flows from the gaps. Last press cake moisture is managed by a discharge cone (or door), which is actuated by an air cylinder. Is likely one of the best cold oil press machine developed newly.

With the intention to enhance the operational reliability, in line with an extra feature of the invention the platform is shaped as a trough which surrounds the upper cross member and which receives the oil storing and cooling tank, the filters for the oil and the management means in the oil circuit and is dimensioned and fashioned as a leakage chamber for your entire amount of oil in the oil circuit.

AC servo numerical control electric fly press of the present invention adopts the transmission of AC servo numerical control electrical machine, has solved the low-pace massive problem, and has adapted to the driving requirement of huge-scale spiral forcing press low-speed big.

Screw is CrMoV high alloy forging, thread kind has good fatigue resistance, no self-lock, secure set up, quick screw, increased press rigidity. The screw rotor propels the oil materials inward and squeeze them. Patented in the yr 1900 by Valerius Anderson, the flights on the screws of those presses have interruptions which decrease co-rotation.

Seen as a whole the advantages of the press in accordance with the invention outweigh recognized presses. Pulp, Paper and Recycling Industries use our display and different gear for fractionation, fiber retention, water clarification, cleaning dewatering pulp screen, and drying and different liquid stable separation processes.

In sum, AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the present invention, compact conformation, elements are few, and driving-chain is brief; Have capability of quick response, overload capability is strong, realizes Forming Equipments flexibility and intellectuality, and the enhance production effectivity and product quality mechanical energy is high, and is vitality-conservation; Pressured good, straightforward to fabricate, easy to upkeep, cost is low, and is easy to operate; The elements loss is little, operates steadily, and the anti-bias load skill is powerful, and forming accuracy is excessive, and is protected and reliable; Long service life has wide range of functions, and low-pace big does not have affect to electrical network.

The screw press is highly effective because it makes use of all flywheel vitality during forming. Discover the variations between most of these screw press by studying this article. Where,Pm is the ability of the electrical motor and η is the drive efficiency.

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