Flexible Exhaust Tubing

Highest quality, direct fit replacement auto parts enforced to the strictest product standards. While money matters, it should not be the case here since Alibaba.com offers an exclusive set of flexible exhaust pipe selections that can ease off your burden. While you may choose to cut a portion of a damages exhaust tip off, cutting off your exhaust anywhere closer to the engine may cause functional or legal issues. Cutting off your muffler, for instance, can make your exhaust extremely loud and may not be in keeping with emissions laws for your area. Cutting it off even further than affect the O2 sensors, resulting in your check engine light coming on and issues with your air/fuel ratio. Duct tape is not a good choice to use on exhaust pipe. It will likely melt and fall apart because it’s not strong enough to cope with the highly pressurized and very hot exhaust. And given that that duct tape is made of polyethylene, cotton mesh and rubber-based adhesive, it’s a flammable item that can create a fire risk around that hot exhaust. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using duct tape to patch an exhaust pipe. Just as you would seal a leak with epoxy, mix it together and apply it to the pipe around the leak.

Brush the sand and other particles off your exhaust, but ensure you are wearing eye protection before you go underneath the vehicle unless you don’t mind having some dirt and grease in your eyes. However, if you are dealing with a broken exhaust pipe, then you need to try something different. So, yes, you can fix your exhaust pipe without welding it, and it would last for a considerable period. Our comprehensive range of flexible tubing suitable for use in exhaust applications, electrical conduit, and for transit of flour, grain and ash. The manifold itself had flexible expansion bellows between cylinders 1-2 and 2-3 but not 3-4. That would only help if cracks are caused by leverage from the downpipe. Well in fact a flex is often used by several OEM’s, but if the car isn’t designed for it it shouldn’t need it. Might have something to do with those cats built into the manifolds on those early years. Walker offers various types of pipe and tubing like our premium pre-bent pipe with OEM routing and hanger positions, flex tubing that provides leak-free applications, to ALS and LCS straight tubing.


Flex pipes are an essential piece of equipment for any front wheel drive vehicle and on most all-wheel-drive vehicles. For front wheel drive cars, the motor is mounted transversely. So when you accelerate, the motor rocks and the flex pipe protects your exhaust system from breaking. Without that extra flexibility, the rocking motion would crack your exhaust system. That’s what causes the loud leak when your exhaust bellows malfunction. Firstly, it is possible to fix an exhaust pipe if you cannot weld or don’t have a welder nearby. There are also different ways to fix an exhaust based on the gravity of the damage. Give the exhaust some time to cool down and then proceed to inspect the damage. If what you have is a broken exhaust pipe, a flex pipe and two clamps will do the job.

We only recommend using these post turbo as they are not built to withstand excessive working pressures which may arise in the up pipes. 1 Year Limited Warranty covering manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. Product must be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications in an appropriate manner protecting it from internal and external damage. Warranty is limited to replacement of product only after inspection by Verocious Motorsports. This warranty carries no allowance for labor claims. Please obtain a written Return Authorization prior to returning any product. Products returned without a Return Authorization will be refused. Gold Supplier is a premium membership for suppliers on Alibaba.com. Members are provided with comprehensive ways to promote their products, maximizing product exposure and increasing return-on-investment. bout all that stuff is good for is to make a pattern for a tube or pipe.

We have an international sales team to provide our customer in time servings all around the world. Our aim is to provide better products, and create better life. With solid management, technology and production quality, Kinrom passed TS on 2006, and was certified by ISO and ISO on 2013. The company is now capable to offer both OEM and ODM service for global customers. As an industry leader Triad Bellows Design and Manufacturing, Inc is proud to offer a 3 year warranty on the products that we manufacture. We guarantee that your expansion joints will be free of defects in material and workmanship. Even if you placed your jack on a concrete surface, do not go underneath for any reason, until you have your jack stands placed under the car. Do not go underneath if the vehicle is supported only by the jack. Ensure the jack is lying on a solid surface, probably, a concrete floor.

Acetone will ensure the metal is clean and free of anything that could interfere with the seal created by the exhaust tape or epoxy. Acetone is the primary ingredient in nail polish remover, so you may use nail polish remover for this step if you’d rather not purchase acetone strictly for this project. You won’t be able to identify the size of the leak or effectively repair it until you remove all of the road grime, dirt and rust from the pipe around the hole. Use a steel toothed brush to scrub away the grime, being careful not to get any in your eyes. Once the exhaust is cool enough to work on, slide a scissor or trolley jack under one of the vehicle’s rear jack points. Once in place, either lift and lower the handle or turn the handle to jack the car up. In order to repair an exhaust leak, you will need to jack the vehicle up to locate it. Always jack vehicles up on flat, level surfaces to ensure the jack won’t topple over as you lift the vehicle. It is also important to ensure the surface is sturdy enough to support the weight of the vehicle beneath the jack.

Exceeding customers’ expectations, our team of passionate auto enthusiasts are here to help. The cost of a Exhaust Flex Pipe Replacement depends on the type of car you drive. Sign up for the latest offers, product news, technical advice and more. Thanks to its special properties, titanium is an ideal material for the construction of exhaust systems in motor sports. Low weight combined with very high strength allows the use of even thinner materials, making an exhaust system made of high-quality titanium components extremely light and resistant at the same time. Exhaust Shop has a massive range of exhaust systems, exhaust components and suspension parts.

This makes the job about $1372 using OE parts, or about $355 using aftermarket parts. In this case as well, there would be the option of having an exhaust shop cut out and replace just the flex pipe, which might come to about $150. The objective is to provide information that will help you fix your car’s exhaust pipe, which you could even use for an extended period until you have the money to get a replacement. So, if you don’t have the finances to replace your broken exhaust pipe, follow these tips to have it fixed for the time being. Alright, so if you find yourself in a situation where your exhaust pipe is damaged, what can you do to fix it? For the records, you can’t drive a car with a broken exhaust pipe on the road just because you couldn’t get a welder to help you fix it on the spot. Doing so will get you into big trouble with the authorities. Your exhaust pipe could break at any time and place, no matter how careful you drive on the road. The damage could be a result of the exhaust pipe accidentally hitting potholes, road bumps, stones, and other solid objects.

The flexible exhaust pipe variants are available in distinct models, shapes, sizes and finishes. If you want for a mat finish look or a sturdy one, you can get that or if you are looking for a glossy finish, you can get that sort of flexible exhaust pipe too. These flexible exhaust pipe are made of high quality and rigid metals for longer sustainability and break-free performance. Enhance the HP of your vehicle and keep your engine sound and safe with these pipes from leading wholesalers. Please note, 1 1/2 is the thread size of the flex pipe. Actual measurement is 2″ in diameter. 1 1/2 flex pipes are on KW generators. Not what you’re looking for? Try the 1 1/4 flex pipes. There is no maintenance interval, and actual failures of an exhaust flex pipe are pretty rare, depending on what part of the country the vehicle is operated in. The primary enemy of an exhaust system is road salt.