Granite, Marble, & Quartz Countertops

Utilize our installation Network to have your brand new kitchen installed by our professionals. We have some of the most rare and exotic materials in world, perfect for your new bar top! We have expansive selections of natural and man-made options at our Elkridge and Bowie MD locations. We’re ready to provide all your stone & cabinet needs with great quality and service at competitive pricing. At Cabinets To Go, we are here for you at all times and for all of your cabinet needs. We can greet you in one of our 80+ stores nationwide or we can handle your requests online or on the phone.

Do further customizations and enhance your kitchen space with our full range of cabinets, kitchen sinks, and installation accessories. 1CM quartz is most typically used by builders, flippers, or budget conscious consumers who want the lowest price product available while still having the overall look of quartz counters. It is the hardest stone on earth, available in numerous colors, easy to care for and impervious to heat. World Stone Imports carries a wide range of colors from Brazil, India, Europe and Asia.

Best Cheer Stone also offers VTB options or prefabricated vanity tops with a sink bowl already attached. This is the perfect solution for commercial projects that require multiple countertops installed. It will increase the efficiency of your project, enhance the uniformity of your commercial space, and save you money over cut-to-size pieces. Arguably the biggest reason why contractors and homeowners choose prefabricated countertops is because of their affordability. Since prefab options come pre-cut to a standard size and can be manufactured in large quantities, they are significantly cheaper than their custom counterparts.

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Cabinets To Go is thrilled to showcase our cabinets in this gorgeous coastal getaway. Learn more about the Dream Home’s elegant interiors and sophisticated storage features. They’re already cut and finished on two sides, so they’re quicker to install. E-mail us or come to our showroom with a rough sketch of your renovation idea and we will get you a free estimate for your project. Our team of professionals can help you with guidance for your DIY project, or provide specifications and details to your contractor.

Dyed granite can be harmful to persons exposed to it on daily basis. Dyed granite can consist of toxic chemicals such as; charcoal, linseed oil and other harmful toxins. In most cases dyed granite usually comes in dark colors like black or grey. If you are shopping for granite make sure to always test your granite before installing.

We are experienced granite and quartz surface fabricators. While prefab granite countertops aren’t customized to fit your space, we have a large selection of common sizes to choose from. You can find a size that will match your kitchen or bathroom. AMC Stone & Cabinets imports slabs directly from quarries and manufacturers. Choose from our selection of prefabricated quartz and granite countertops to remodel your space at an affordable price. This is a highly versatile and extremely durable when used for countertops.

If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, Solid Construction & Design can help. We offer full-service remodeling, from picking cabinets and countertops to installing the finished product. Contact us today to learn more or to get a free estimate and consultation. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind kitchen, slab countertops are a better option. With a custom slab counter, Mother Nature is your only limit.

Since both types are made from natural stones, there is no difference in quality. If your measurements differ even slightly from standard countertops, prefabricated countertops may not be the best option for your space. Prefabricated countertops can also have variances in color consistency since the pieces are not cut from the exact same piece of stone. They are still made of the same high-quality materials, but they are cut to certain standard dimensions and only come in specific sizes and shapes. If you have an unusually shaped space, prefabricated countertops probably won’t be an option. You can be sure that your prefab countertop will have the same unique and elegant look as well as the durability of custom made countertops.

The easiest approach is to order custom-made laminate countertops (ours cost about $30 per running foot) from a local home center, full-service lumberyard or cabinet/countertop shop. You can also buy premade take-it-with-you stock tops at many home centers, for about half the price of custom countertops. Shop for the latest in plastic laminates on manufacturer Web sites.